Did you know that 58% of donors say they research an organization at the web earlier than creating a donation, in keeping with a survey by means of DonorTrends?

So, if you were not thinking about whether your internet site is meeting the desires of your donors, I recommend you begin… And soon.

Because you actually cannot Colorado Companies with Online Donation Requests afford no longer to think about it. Here are a few recommendations on a way to improve the experience of donors, prospects and foundations who visit your website.


Explain your self. Your home page should have a compelling, jargon-free 2-second blurb that announces who you are and what you do. Anyone who reads it need to recognize what you are all approximately right away.

Get emotional. If I visit your website and do not feel something, chances are you’re no longer getting any cash. Show me the work you’re talking about. Give me pics. Give me lifestyles-changing tales. Give me a motive to respond.

Make a sturdy case. Be positive to answer the question, “Why must I come up with my cash?” Regardless of how deserving you experience your organization is, you must make the case for why you are well worth assisting.

Make it easy to find matters. If people can not locate it fast, they are not going to paste round. Especially on-line. Clear navigation is essential. Not positive in case your navigation is apparent? Invite some those who do not know your business enterprise nicely (if in any respect) and haven’t been on your web page earlier than to come in and play with it. Ask them to discover a few things on your site and watch in which they visit search for them. You’ll learn lots.
Building Trust

Tell us wherein you spend the money you get from donations. More and more, donors want to know how their contributions can be used. Include expenditure pie charts showing in which the cash goes. You should additionally include hyperlinks for your annual record, your 990s, and your audited financial statements. Virtually no person desires to take a look at things at this level of detail. But it’s the message you are sending that is important — “We have nothing to cover and we’re glad to reveal our books to anyone who wants to see them.”

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